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Palace Drum School 

I am a dedicated professional musician and drum teacher. My goal as an educator is to inspire students to have a love, passion and excitement for music by tailoring my lessons toward each student's unique goals and interests. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and I offer lessons both online and in my studio in Rochester, NY. 


"Chris Palace is a wonderful and talented teacher and drummer. I started two months ago and am already writing my own beats, preparing for a competition, and feeling good about my skills and my progress. Without reservation, I highly recommend this school."


"My name is Paul and Im 9 years old. This guy is amazing!!!!!! I would definitely recommend him. He plays in two bands. It is really easy to understand what he teaches you." -Paul

"Chris is a great dude, personalizes his lessons and was open to diving into some genres he doesn’t normally explore and I really cannot express how much gratitude I have for him being as flexible as he is with scheduling and accommodating to me as a student. The guy kills it on the drums and definitely knows his stuff and I’m happy to call him my drum instructor."-Mike

"Chris is the first/best drum teacher I ever had! Cool demonstration, explain things intuitively and easy to follow, very patient, nice notes and course material, courses are prepared very well. Now I can have fun play drum myself after several lessons. Enjoy the class!"-Jessica 

"Great teacher, great dude. Learning a lot, and faster than I ever thought possible!"-Andrew

"I am so incredibly happy that I picked Chris to give my son drum lessons! He is patient and so nice. I appreciate how encouraging and positive he is and I am excited to see all that my son has learned already."-Amanda 

My Curriculum

I aim to prepare students for any situation by providing them with a strong basis in the fundamentals of music and drumming, along with improvisational techniques, skills for ensemble playing, sight reading skills, soloing, developing excellent tone, and proper technique to play with ease. I tailor each of my lessons to the goals of the student in order to develop their own unique musical voice and help foster an excitement for the instrument.

I provide a clear motivation behind everything I teach by demonstrating practical applications so that my students are inspired to practice and make music a part of their daily lives. My students will walk away with practical skills that they can use to create beautiful music.


"Chris is a wonderful teacher. He is patient with my son and dedicated to his growth as a drummer!"-Rebecca

"Chris is a highly skilled, patient teacher who celebrates his students’ natural strengths and works thoroughly on their weaknesses. His focus and passion are infectious. He is an extremely skilled drummer, and he finesses a crazy range of styles. Chris is that rare teacher who is equally inclined towards both teaching and performing, giving his students a magical hands-on perspective that is really inspiring."-Siena 

“Chris is an amazing teacher who is very well rounded with his instrument. He can teach you things that you never would’ve learned on your own, and that’s just one of the many things he bring to the table. He’s both creative and fun on the way he teaches and is great with the way he gives you information.”-Calvin

My Experience

  • Over 10 years of drumming and gigging experience

  • International touring musician

  • Over 2 years experience teaching privately to students of all ages

  • Drum/percussion instructor at Roberts Wesleyan College Community Music School in Rochester, NY

  • Experience performing in a variety of contexts including jazz goups, funk bands, hip hop groups, singer-songwriters, church worship bands, and pop bands

  • BS in Music Production/Audio Engineering from the University of Rochester

  • Drum instructor at the Centre Music School in Framingham, MA

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